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Внедрение системы утилизации отра

The water will get heat from needle tubing when go through the recovery device of exhaust gas.This needle tubing fixed at the recovery device of exhaust gas can conduct the heat.In such way,the temperature of the water will reach 50-90 ℃ ,or water become saturated steam in a certain pressure.
 Внедрение системы утилизации отра

■ Under the normal circumstance,the heat of exhaust gas will take about 32% of the total heat.The thermal efficiency will be improved 20-30% with this system.
1. heating,bathing.
2. warming the anaerobic tank to get more gas.
3.drying the starch.
4. producing the vapour.
5. Reducing the air temperature of workshop &office by driving air conditioner.

Distribution diagram
Внедрение системы утилизации отра
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